Childbirth Education


Empower yourself with live, online education classes taught by Dia and Danielle for a confident pregnancy, birth, and early parenting time..

Many first time parents are anxious of all that can happen during labor and delivery. We completely understand—and we’ve guided many clients through the same fear and doubts. We believe education is the key to mitigating fear and understanding what may arise during birth.

Our childbirth education instills a feeling of clarity about how you can meet the challenges of giving birth. Our goals are for you to:

Birth Education

Understand yourself more clearly so you know what you need and how to ask for it.

Birth Education

Build a strong relationship with your support team ensuring that the weight doesn’t rest solely on your partner’s shoulders.

Birth Education

Thoroughly understand the childbirth experience on a physiological level so you can feel prepared before labor and stay present during.

If you’re considering a home birth, we lay out all of the options and possibilities, including what may constitute a reason to transport to a hospital. The last thing we want is for you to feel blindsighted and unable to make a critical decision. If you plan to give birth in any other location, we offer education to match. Reach out and we’ll find a way to serve your needs.

View class descriptions, purchase, and schedule on Brilliant Birthing’s website. Colorado Midwifery Services clients receive a 50% off discount.


“When Dia joined us at the hospital, I was struggling with the contractions and feeling overwhelmed by the interventions that the doctor was suggesting. Dia immediately gave guidance and support which helped me to work through labor in a peaceful manner and have a successful VBAC without being induced and without pain medication. I can’t imagine our birth experience without her. We highly recommend her as a doula!”

– Rachel E.

“[My partner] and I welcomed Henry into the world on Christmas night! My labor was fast and uncomplicated for which I feel very grateful. The nurses and doc at Avista were wonderful and I felt very powerful and in control. Thank you again to Dia for all you taught us in class! I felt like I was really able to tap into my Hypnobirthing to support me through labor. [My partner] felt very empowered too!”

“We are so grateful to have found you and hypnobirthing. Thank you for the wonderful insight, education, and suggestions. We will definitely recommend you and the class to others.”

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