Midwifery Services


Our midwives facilitate home births that allow you to stay present as your child enters the world. Throughout your pregnancy, we follow the standard obstetrical schedule for visits, monitoring, and testing. When it’s time to deliver, we dedicate ourselves completely to your family and your family alone. We partner with you to create a plan for bringing your child into the world, then we navigate and adjust when the unexpected arises.

Midwifery Care will provide:
  • Evidence-based care before, during, and after birth
  • Clinical monitoring and assessments
  • Resources and education to help you feel empowered and prepared
  • Visits increasing in frequency as your pregnancy progresses
  • Undivided attention and support during your delivery as well as during the prenatal period
  • Continued care for the whole family after your birth


We know the terms are confusing—and you have enough to worry about right now! Here are the basics.
A doula provides resources and physical/emotional support during pregnancy, birth and/or post partum.
A midwife has clinical training and is the primary care provider during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.
A monitrice doula has clinical training (often as a midwife) and is acting as a doula.
Our midwives facilitate your home birth with expertise, knowledge, and skills in observation and assessment. Many parents choose a midwife over a physician because they want to be sure of the care provider responsible for their care. Our midwives cultivate a relationship with you and your family over the course of your pregnancy so we can help you make decisions you feel comfortable with. During labor, we support you in facilitating the healthy, successful birth you envision for your child.

Colorado Midwifery also offers counseling in treatment options for fertility, birth control, and options for managing undesired pregnancies.

You might choose a midwife if…
You envision giving birth at home
You want a more peaceful, quiet setting for your birth than a hospital can offer
You want the individual attention and personal relationship a midwife offers


“I just wanted to thank you for your attendance and assistance at Jack’s birth. Adam and I both greatly appreciated your calming and kind presence.”

– Melissa M.

“Dia is incredibly supportive and calm, bringing a positive influence into the birthing room. I had the pleasure of working together with her during a very long labor and she was instrumental in helping the family have an empowering birth.”

– Dr. Jennifer B., MD, FACOG

“Dia is absolutely wonderful. I recommend her so highly as a postpartum monitrice, and feel that having those hours with her after our baby’s birth was the best investment we made of anything else we did. I wish we’d had more time with her honestly.”

– Danya R


We believe in empowering you with knowledge and a connection to your intuition to guide you through your birthing experience. We start by developing a strong connection to you and your family so we can advocate for your needs and provide guidance.

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