Monitrice Doula Services


In the hustle of a hospital room, you’ll want someone by your side advocating for you and your family. Our monitrice doulas provide the emotional support of a typical doula as well as knowledge gained from clinical training. We’ll guide you through your pregnancy, help you plan for your hospital birth, and accompany you to the hospital when the time comes. As your team of doctors and nurses monitor the health of you and the baby, your monitrice will provide emotional support, answers to your questions, and add a calm, strong presence to you and your family.
Your Monitrice Will Provide:
  • An initial consultation
  • Minimum 3 prenatal visits
  • Support during your birth
  • Minimum 1 post-partum visit
  • Support through phone, text or email
  • Photos documenting your prenatal and/or birth


We know the terms are confusing—and you have enough to worry about right now! Here are the basics.
A doula provides resources and physical/emotional support during pregnancy, birth and/or post partum.
A midwife has clinical training and is the primary care provider during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.
A monitrice doula has clinical training (often as a midwife) and is acting as a doula.
Many women choose to work with a monitrice doula because they want to labor at home as long as possible. Our monitrice doulas are trained as midwives, meaning they can perform assessments and help you decide when it’s time to go to the hospital. Once there, we carry out the role of a doula. We provide emotional support, help you to understand the clinical language, and remind you of previous conversations to help you make the best decisions for you and your family.
You may choose a monitrice doula if…
You’d like to labor at home as long as possible under the supervision of a trained support person
You’d like to give birth in a hospital but want someone to help clarify the medical jargon and keep you informed
You already have a midwife or other provider who will perform the primary care duties and want more support


Birth may be where your pregnancy ends, but it’s not the end of your journey. Postpartum doula care ensures that we continue taking care of you during the period after you give birth.
Our postpartum doula services offer education and support on breastfeeding, sleep, birth recovery, infant soothing, and newborn care. All of this comes at the time when you need it most, in the comfort of your own home.
Whether this is your first child or you have other little ones running around, this time is so valuable to ground and center you in your new relationship.


“With Dia as my birth doula, I was able to give birth naturally – despite a very long labor. Dia was integral in helping me to believe in my strength, and she was an incredible source of comfort for both my husband and me in the delivery room.”

Jen K.

“Dia is incredibly supportive and calm, bringing a positive influence into the birthing room. I had the pleasure of working together with her during a very long labor and she was instrumental in helping the family have an empowering birth.”

Dr. Jennifer Blattner, MD, FACOG

“Dia was absolutely wonderful—a calming, comforting presence who provided physical and emotional support from our very first contact through our postnatal meeting and beyond. She also brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to help us with making decisions and facing challenges throughout the process.”

Rachel E.


We believe in empowering you with knowledge and a connection to your intuition to guide you through your birthing experience. We start by developing a strong connection to you and your family so we can advocate for your needs and provide guidance.

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